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We hope you’re having a great week and enjoying the weather!

We wanted to remind you about our huge range of products, including:
- Footwear:
- Socks:
- Shoe accessories:
- New in:

We also stock some fantastic well-known brands, such as:
- Nike (sizes 12-17)
- Timberland (sizes 12½ -14½)
- Merrell (sizes 12-15)
- Converse (sizes 12-18)
- LACOSTE (sizes 12-18)
- Vans (sizes 12-15)
- Walktall (sizes 12-17)
Plus many, many more…!

Did you know that Walktall also offers a superb commission rate of 8%? In addition to the competitive commission rate we offer, we also provide weekly sales validations, fresh imagery and a full product feed to help encourage sales from your website.

Happy Promoting
The Walktall Affiliate Team

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