Kegel8 V For Men At StressNoMore

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Kegel8 V For Men At StressNoMore

StressNoMore is pleased to introduce to you the Kegel8 V For Men, which was more than two years in the making. More information below.

Kegel8 V For Men Kegel Exerciser for Men

Kegel8 V For Men Kegel Exerciser for Men

Pelvic floor exercises, or Kegel exercises aren’t just for girls. A strong and healthy pelvic floor is a vital part of every man’s health, and a strong pelvic floor means you can prevent embarrassing dribbles, get stronger, longer-lasting erections, and prevent uncomfortable pelvic pain.

Kegel8 V For Men is a revolutionary electronic muscle stimulator that has been designed to help you to strengthen your pelvic floor in just minutes a day, and has been created with 8 clinically-proven programmes to exercise and strengthen your muscles to prevent and treat a wide range of male pelvic floor weakness.

More than 2 years in the making, Kegel8 V For Men has been developed with leading clinicians, in conjunction with the latest medical research. It is a completely unique and revolutionary device that works by triggering the muscles of the pelvic floor, targeting the correct muscles, and exercising them in a way that’s both ultra-efficient and effective. It is a clinically proven medical device, that can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Kegel8 V For Men can be used with an anal probe, or for men who don’t want to use a probe, can be used with skin electrodes on the perineum, buttocks, ankle or back (depending on which problem is to be treated).

The male pelvic floor is responsible for both continence and sexual function – it’s even been clinically proven that pelvic floor exercises are more effective than Viagra at treating erectile dysfunction over a period of 6 months! Pelvic floor exercises are not always easy to do, and it’s difficult to tell whether you’re exercising the right muscles, but Kegel8 V For Men makes it easy.  Kegel8 V For Men is like a sat nav for your pelvic floor – it finds the right muscles, and exercises them in the right way, so you know that your exercises are ultra-effective, every time.

Quick Overview

  1. Revolutionary pelvic floor exerciser designed exclusively for men
  2. Developed with the very latest clinical research for the best results possible
  3. Prevent and treat incontinence, bowel problems, pelvic pain and erectile dysfunction
  4. Can be used with an anal probe or skin electrodes
  5. Clinically proven medical device

Our Price: £149.99