Join the BOTB Affiliates programme

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Join our affiliates programme

We have been established since 1999 and are located in major airports, shopping centres and online at Every week someone is guaranteed to win their Dream Car. In the past 16 years there have been hundreds of winners, taking home over £18 million worth of prizes.

Reasons to join: 
Most renowned and established company in the sector
Amazing range of dream cars 
Up to 30% commission – one year lifetime commission structure (new users only) 
Free delivery all over the world, making it an international programme
Not a lottery - winning requires skill and judgement, making more people want to play
Sol Campbell is one of our professsional judges

Playing online is easy - users only need to open an account to play in all BOTB competitions, giving people the chance to win the car they’d love to own, but maybe cannot quite afford or justify. The guaranteed winner of each competition is determined using a computerised 'Spot the Ball' competition, which players enter as part of the ticket buying process.

One Special Offer Every Week - One Weekly Winner Guaranteed

This week we've discounted 14 cars with room in the back, including the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Porsche Macan S and Volvo XC90 T8 R-Design. Get your tickets now from just £2.50!

Audi RS6 Avant: £9 £4.50 BMW X6: £8 £4
Audi A7: £7 £3.50 Land Rover Twisted Defender: £7 £3.50
Porsche Panamera: £7 £3.50 Volvo XC90: £7 £3.50
BMW X5: £6 £3 Jaguar XF: £6 £3
Porsche Cayenne Diesel: £6 £3 Porsche Macan S: £6 £3
Audi Q7: £6 £3 Mercedes CLA45 AMG SB: £5.50 £2.75
Jeep Wrangler by Kahn: £5 £2.50 Land Rover Discovery Sport: £5 £2.50
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Marketing Executive 
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