Jobs To Do In And Around Your House In July With Rated People

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Rated People

Whether you’re spending your holiday at home or have a few hours to kill on the weekend, it’s a good idea to have a house MOT and improve your home.

Organise your garage

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If the sun isn’t shining (and let’s face it, it isn’t), it doesn’t hurt to spend some time inside. Most people’s garages look anything but tidy. They need clever storage solutions. The first task is to look at your tools. Keeping track of all your screwdrivers and spanners in a toolbox isn’t necessarily the most efficient way, but could be made easy if you hang them up on a wall. Tool boards aren’t expensive and you can create whatever layout you prefer, re-arranging with hooks and and trays.

Hide pipes

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It’s probably best to advise against using pipes as a book shelf, a better idea is to box them in. This could be done by yourself if you can bear a bit of DIY, or a tradesman can help you if carpentry is not your cup of tea. All you need is wooden battens, plastic joints, MDFs, panel pins and paint. The pain ensures that the boxed pipes will blend in with the rest of the interior.

Cover radiators

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Radiators aren’t the most attractive features in a room and although there are new designs on the market, you might want to save your money and invest in radiator cabinets. Take your radiator’s measurement and make sure that the cover will fit. The downside with a radiator cabinet is that it will eat up space, but the plus side is that you’ll be able to place items on its ledge.

If you need to undertake bigger scale projects, it’s best to hire the pros. Post your job on and up to 3 tradesmen will get in touch to quote. Make sure you carefully read their ratings that other homeowners have posted and make an informed decision based on these recommendations. Also, always check qualifications and certifications.

Thanks to Your Home for ideas and inspiration.