Introducing the Wellbox Lipo Massage from StressNoMore

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Stress No More

SNM Wellbox

Wellbox Lipo Massage

Wellbox Lipo Massage


If you want one comprehensive, professional, quality device that will enable you to lose fat, firm skin and smooth out cellulite, then this is as good as it gets without cosmetic surgery.

The Wellbox offers an all over face and body pampering to smooth wrinkles, eliminate cellulite and shed inches from those problem areas with scientifically proven results. It’s the home solution to expensive cosmetic surgery without a knife in sight.

In a clinical study at the Dermexpert Laboratory in Paris, 24 women achieved impressive, long-term results over an eight week trial; a 20% reduction in cellulite dimples; a loss of 3.5cm from around each thigh; a 53% reduction in loose skin; and a 44% reduction in wrinkles.

The Wellbox by LPG works base on 2 unique LPG patented technologies - Roll and Lift. These are the same unique technologies used to deliver professional LPG treatments in many leading beauty salons.

Wellbox for weight loss

With Wellbox you could literally re-sculpt your body. The Roll technology is delivered through a motorised palpitating action which activates lipolysis to release trapped localised fat that is resistant to regular exercise and healthy diets. Say goodbye to love handles and that stubborn lower stomach.

Your body’s fat cells literally shrink resulting in more supple and smoother skin as well as a firm, shapelier figure. All-in-all you will lose up to 20% of your cellulite and reduce your thighs by an impressive 3.5cm. And the best bit is these are lasting results.

The LPG Lift technology of Wellbox can be used for a bust toning treatment; lifting and firming your bust boosting your shape and fullness.

Wellbox for beauty

Using the Self Liftmassage program of the Wellbox activates the skin cells in your face to create more collagen and elastin, the key to a youthful appearance.

As the Wellbox restores your skins elasticity, your facial contours can be redefined and wrinkles smoothed. The relaxing sensation of the Liftmassage can also ease tension in the facial muscles which can develop from frequent frowning. Your face can become relaxed and further appearance of aging prevented.

The Lift technology of Wellbox can also stimulate blood circulation to your face bringing more oxygen which illuminates your skin and eliminates unwanted toxins.

Wellbox for health

Wellbox is without doubt the ‘must-have’ investment in beauty and weight loss but it is also so much more! You can use Wellbox to promote healthy blood circulation, relieve muscular aches and pains and relax your whole body for a healthy wellbeing.

Whether it’s a consequence of stress, injury or rheumatic condition, Wellbox is a brilliant device to deliver relief. It rhythmically kneads your muscles and ligaments to oxygenate the area, calming nerve and relieving tension and pain.

The ability the Wellbox has to increase your blood circulation is widely beneficial. Poor blood circulation can result in swelling (often in the legs) varicose veins, cellulitis and the many skin disorders associated with Diabetes.

Wellbox for fitness

It is imperative to prepare your muscles for any sports or exercise in order to prevent damage and injury.

The Wellbox delivers a tissular rolling action which can mobilise the connection between muscle and tendon, increasing their flexibility and preparing you for activity. With muscles prepared to their optimum condition, tissular therapy can also have a dramatic impact on your level of performance, revealing your full potential.

This tissular therapy is considered a revolutionary breakthrough by top athletes around the world, making Wellbox the most advanced home sport conditioning technology around today.

There is no doubt that Wellbox is an investment, but what an investment it is. Many who use Wellbox fall in love with it after just one use.

The Wellbox operates on 6 different intensity levels offering a wide range of programs each specifically designed for desired effects. Included are 5 treatment heads each uniquely designed for various programs and results.

Reverse and reduce signs of aging, re-sculpture your body and rejuvenate your health and wellbeing all from one little box.

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