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Valentine’s Day at

Hiya affiliates,

What a romantic treat we have in store for you today. What with Valentines Day fast approaching we have decided to increase our commission rate from 7% to a blossoming 10% on a select range of our Valentines Day favourites that include all our Gold & Platinum Dipped roses, all our Single Roses, all our One & Only bouquets, and last but not least all our Exclusive 1m Long Roses as detailed below:

All our Gold & Platinum roses

Sell any of our unique Gold & Platinum roses and you’re sure to make a massive commission because of their high price–tag. These beauties are a big seller over the Valentine’s day period so make sure you don't miss out on the profits.

Premium gold & platinum roses from

All our Single Roses

These are our signature products, a real valentines day favourite, in fact InterRose was born with a single red rose in its mouth and we are delighted to offer all our affiliates increased commission on every single colour in our entire range.

Premium long–stemmed single roses from

All our (unique) One & Only Valentine’s Day Bouquet

The One & Only Bouquet is a simple idea: eleven roses of one colour with one of another. Okay, it might not be that simple, but it's certainly stunning. Imagine a beautiful 11 red rose bouquet with a single happy rose in the middle. Superb!

We offer bouquets with a gold, platinum or gold–trimmed rose that you can see below. The high prices mean sweeter rewards for you—our devoted affiliates.

11 Premium long–stemmed roses with 1 other colour rose from

All our exclusive 1m long roses

In the office we call these ‘The big ones’ and it's definitely true. Their 1m long stems and massive, heads make them the ultimate rose gift. What's even better is that every Valentine’s day we sell boat loads of them to hopeless romantics throughout the UK. Who said romance can't be profitable?

Premium 1m long roses from

Voucher Codes (Ongoing and Upcoming)

For all you voucher code junkies, you will already see we are running our Valentines Day 'EarlyBird’ 10% discount valid until the end of January, our next code will be online sometime in early February, stay tuned...

Customers just need to enter the code below on our order form and they receive 10% off the price instantly:


You can just append the hash tag: #earlybird to the end of any of our order form URLs to have it filled in when they get there:

Okay that's all folks, another blooming masterpiece by yours truly,

AKA Ben the affiliate manager of

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