Independent Ladies At Guide Dogs

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Independent Ladies At Guide Dogs

Something we at Guide Dogs really pride ourselves on is the way we, the puppies, trainers, volunteers and service users all work so hard to ensure people who are blind and partially sighted can access their right to independence. We will not rest until our vision of a society where everyone enjoys the same independence and freedom of movement is achieved.

Lucy And Olivia walking together outside

We aim to do this through creating extraordinary partnerships between guide dogs and their owners, matching their personalities, characteristics and temperaments so that both guide dog and owner are happy. Olivia and Lucy’s partnership is a fantastic example of this.

From the very start, Olivia the puppy showed signs of being an excellent guide dog and soon gained a reputation for herself as ‘the lovely Olivia’. She was one of our sponsored puppies and our wonderful supporters watched her journey as she went from strength to strength. At the early stages she already had a friendly and lively nature, and was extremely responsive when it came to learning.

After Olivia completed her training she was matched with Lucy, and what an unstoppable pair they make! Not only has the lovely Olivia managed to graduate so brilliantly through Guide Dog training, she has also transformed Lucy’s life.

Lucy only lost her sight four years ago, at the age of 17. She is bright and ambitious and had every plan to study a medical degree at university, but instead spent three years of her young life in and out of hospital undergoing various medical procedures. Four years on Lucy still has some usable vision, but thanks to her and Olivia’s partnership, her mobility and independence has improved incredibly.

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Why we need your help

- Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind.

- 180,000 blind and partially sighted people rarely leave home alone. Guide Dogs is committed to changing this.

- A visually impaired person could be partnered with as many as eight dogs in their lifetime, and each partnership costs £35,500.

Please donate now and help us train more guide dogs. The more guide dogs we train, the more lives we can change.

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