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Increased CPA From Mobileinsurance & More! are proud to announce that they are increasing their CPA to £7.50 on every sale made from now until 31/03/2014!

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In a bid to help Britons who lose their mobile phones be more quickly reunited with their handsets, a leading mobile phone insurance website has looked back through claims data to see where the most obscure places were that lost mobile phones have turned up; based on claims that were originally submitted by phone owners but later withdrawn when they found the phone. used claims data to compile a list of the strangest places lost phones had turned up, with ‘inside a dog’ amongst the most obscure finding places. Whilst many people lose their phones down the back of the sofa or under a car seat, these case studies were certainly a little more extreme:

  1.  A builder in his 30s from Stockport reported his phone as lost, but later called to withdraw the phone after a customer got in touch with his firm to say that they’d heard a phone ringing inside the wall of their new extension. He’d left it inside the wall cavity and the customer was kind enough to let him remove the phone and patch the wall up.
  2. A farmer in his 50s found his mobile phone embedded in the edge of a hay bale. Despite being somewhat damaged, the handset still worked.
  3. A 19 year old woman from Birmingham informed that the lost phone she’d earlier reported had actually turned up in her fridge, next to the milk on the middle shelf.
  4. A man in his 50s from York, who happened to be a keen gardener, found his mobile phone that he’d originally reported as ‘lost’ beneath the soil in one of the flower beds in his front garden. The phone was undamaged, if a little dirty.
  5. A man in his early 30s found his ‘lost’ mobile phone in the corner of his young son’s hamster cage, beneath the sawdust and explained that his son must have put it there without him noticing. It turned up when he went to clean out the cage.

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Jason Brockman, Director of, said the following:

“If someone reports a phone as lost and later lets us know that they’ve found it, we always ask where the phone turned up in the end. It’s more common than you might think, but some of these finding places are very obscure, so a few stuck out in our minds.

Losing any item that you own is hugely frustrating and I think these case studies just go to show that you should never lose hope when something goes missing, because it literally could turn up anywhere. Retracing your steps where lost phones are concerned is always a good idea and the case of the lady that found her phone in a petrol station, exactly where she left it, is a good example of this. She’s lucky someone didn’t decide to pick it up and keep it for themselves!”