New in Mousse Mix and 50% off shakes on Exante!

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Hi Affiliates,
We’re proud to announce that we have a brand new product launching on Exante this weekend, for full details, please see below and let me know if you have any further questions.

NEW IN: Mousse Mix only £4.49

Now you can turn any of our milkshakes into a delicious mousse with our brand new mousse mix! It’s the perfect low calorie, summer dessert.


Currently appearing as out of stock but this will change over the weekend
Get a free Mousse Mix with our 50% off Box of 25 Chocolate and 25 Strawberry Shakes  with free UK delivery

No code needed, just add the shakes to your basket


Available from Sunday the 14th to the 18th of June, currently appearing as out of stock but this will change when the offer goes live
The Mousse Mix will be available for purchase from this weekend and the free mousse mix offer will be available from Sunday.
Try our New Mousse Mix in any of our shakes and give yourself even more choice!
Simply add 1-2 tsp of mousse mix to your shake and blend thoroughly with a hand blender until completely incorporated. Pour into a serving dish and chill for at least 15 minutes. For a firmer mousse use less water and/or more mousse mix. If you want more wobble go for more water and/or less mousse mix. Setting time will vary depending on the amount of water and powder used.
Top Tip: Add your Drinks Mix

  • Add Exante water flavourings to the mixture to create more flavour options such as chocolate orange (chocolate shake + orange drinks mix), mixed berries (strawberry shake + blackcurrant drinks mix), peaches and cream (vanilla shake + peach drinks mix)

Top Tip: Add tea or sweetener

  • Flavoured teas such as peppermint work well too. Let the peppermint tea go cold, add a chocolate shake pack, mousse mix and voila, Chocolate Mint!
  • Add a tablet sweetener to bring out the flavour of the shake when it is made into a mousse

If you have any questions, just drop me an email,