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We are aware that there are a number of affiliates who continue to bid on our brand terms for their PPC campaigns. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards affiliates bidding on our brand terms (or any variation) as per our terms and conditions. Any affiliate found in breach of our terms will be suspended from our program. These keywords include:

cosyfeet discount code
cosyfeet discount
cosyfeet voucher code
cosyfeet voucher
cosyfeet offer code
cosyfeet offer

If you have any queries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us: jamess@footshopltd.co.uk.

We are aware that this message will only be relevant to a minority of affiliates, however we would still like to communicate this message to everyone.

Also, please ensure that you only promote offer codes that are authorised for affiliate use. We will decline all commissions where unauthorised offer codes have been used. Valid offer codes will be communicated to all affiliates when they are released.

Finally, here is a reminder about the superb commission levels that are available from Cosyfeet:

Rolling 30 day period:

Default Level: 10%
Number of Confirmed Sales is Equal to or More than - 10 = 11%
Number of Confirmed Sales is Equal to or More than - 20 = 13%

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