Important Changes to BT Prices

Written by Leonie on . Posted in Programme Launches

Hello all,

As today is Cyber Monday we’d thought we’d send you an update from BT with what’s selling well at the moment.


The £9 Broadband deal with the £25 Sainsbury’s Gift Card is proving very popular so if you’re not already linking to it, please find below:


This offer is EXCLUSIVE to affiliates – it’s not being promoted on billboards or TV and is not available via searchso it is well worth taking advantage of.  The offer is due to finish on 10/01/2013 and when promoted well, it has a very healthy conversion rate, so do make the most of it!


Also, BT are currently working on a special Naked Wines affiliate voucher for any order with a TV package – so keep an eye out for further details.


We also wanted to make you aware of some important price changes at BT.  BT customers have already received notification of price increases in their statements that come into effect on 5th January and the prices on have already been updated to give customers 30 days notice.


Please be aware that you may need to make changes to prices on your site.  The main prices changing are below:



  • Line rental – increasing from £14.60> £15.45
  • Note: LRS saving is increasing from £46.20> £56.40 (approved saving claim until 5 Jan is “save up to £56.40”. After 5 Jan claim will be “Save £56.40”)
  • UAP – increasing from £4.90> £5.15
  • UEWP – increasing from £3.15> £3.30
  • International Freedom -  increasing from £5.20> £5.50
  • Friends and family international -  increasing from £1.05> £1.10
  • Calling features (1 feature) -  increasing from £3.15> £3.30
  • Calling features (2-4 features) -  increasing from £6.30> £6.60
  • Calling features (5+) -  increasing from £8.40> £8.80
  • Set up fee for chargeable calls - increasing from 13.1p> 13.87p
  • MCCs across all calls products changing to: £2 (monthly charge) £6 (quarterly charge)



  • TV Essential - increasing from £4> £5
  • Sky Sports 1- increasing from £12.90> £15
  • Sky Sports 2- increasing from £12.90> £15
  • Sky Sports 1 & Sky Sports 2 - increasing from £18.20> £20


Thank you for your cooperation and best of luck on your Cyber Monday endeavours!  If you have any questions or queries surrounding the changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the BT Affiliate Team.