Ikebana by Haute Florist - A collection like no other

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Ikebana captures the exquisite beauty of nature and our artisan florists here at Haute Florist, have created this breathtaking Ikebana collection perfect to display in your home or gift to a loved one. With a minimalist and precise arrangement, Ikebana is an ancient Japanese tradition of artisan floristry. There are three core elements of Ikebana that represents Heaven, Earth and Mankind. Our florists only select the most beautiful, fresh flower stems to bring that true oriental touch to a room.

Our artisan florists have created a collection including Misaki, Yuri, Eiko and Annya. Delicate displays of floral art are perfect to proudly place in your home to complete your interior choices.

Shop the full collection here - https://www.hauteflorist.co.uk/ikebana-flowers

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