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ICYMI: Our sell-out palettes, Colour Theory.

Creative eyeshadow looks, made easy. Just follow the steps.

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Origin is your not-so-basic basics palette, containing a selection of warm and neutral shades to create wearable, casual, and daytime eye looks. Here you’ll find a combination of 42 matte, metallic and colour-changing duochrome finishes – it’s the perfect starting point to plot the direction of your beauty journey.

Find Origin here


From soft neutrals to icy pops of colour, all with a buttery texture and intense pigment payoff, Evolve is all you need to create wearable but experimental day and night eye looks. Combine mattes and metallics with colour-changing duochromes to intensify your unique style.

Find Evolve here


Identity is made up of 42 bright and bold shades in a combination of matte, metallic, and colour-changing duochrome finishes. It’s a treasure-trove of colour options to craft majorly eye-catching looks.

Find Identity here

HARD TO BEAT: We're talking intense pigmentation, minimal fallout, and buttery textures that are unbelievably blendable. We know you want the highest quality products at affordable prices, so that's exactly what we've created for you.

WE KNOW BEAUTY: You name it - we’ve tried, tested, and topped it. After all, we've been in the beauty game long enough to know what separates the ultimate go-tos from the absolute no-gos.

VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE: We know this means a lot to you, and it means a lot to us too, so yes… of course our Colour Theory palettes are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

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