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We’ve seen a lot of home décor pics. In fact, the best part of our week is looking through our tags to see what you’ve tagged us in, so we feel pretty confident in saying that by now, we’re kind of experts. Whilst there’s no right way to take a photo of your home, here are a few things to keep in mind for the best result.

1. Your Subject

The first question is always ‘what do you want in your photo?’ – and our advice is this; pick the spaces that feel special to you.  People will always be more interested in seeing the things you feel passionate about than things you don’t, plus it gives you more to talk about if you do end up uploading the image to social media.

2. Lighting

In most ways, this is exactly like taking a selfie- you want to find the lighting that best flatters your subject, and go from there. Unfortunately, you can’t move the room around to get the best angle, so your best bet is to just introduce as much natural light into the space as possible- this will produce clean, crisp images. Look how clean and perfect this image from @ck_homestyle is!

3. Angles

This is where you should start getting creative; finding an interesting angle to capture your space from can help you to stand out in a sea of the same shots. If you’re struggling to think of a great angle, try using a mirror or shooting from farther back, like this shot from @houseproject_36!

4. Staging The Shot

A great tactic that sees a lot of use is adding in extra bits of décor for visual interest. The key thing is to make sure the added bits mesh well with the image; if they’re completely out of place they’ll distract from the image itself. Take this image from @bestlife_style_  for example; she’s added a mug of tea and a book, which add to the image without looking out of place.

 5. Filters

Try to avoid filtering your images too much; your space was designed to be viewed without a filter, so adding something in just makes the image look alien. Filters are also designed to smooth imperfections, so they can take the texture out of your images and make them look fuzzy.

Of course, if that final shot happens to include any of our beds, please tag us! We’d love to see the spaces you’ve put together with our beds, and we’d especially love to repost them to our feed!

Cover pic courtesy of @inside_number_five_

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