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Dear Affiliates
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We are excited to announce the launch of our great Summer Sun Coupons that will go live tomorrow - Saturday 20th June. Get 12% off when you stay for 5 or more nights!

Please don't hesitate to add the offer on site and take advantage of this rare offer!


Offer Details:

Booking Dates: 20th June - 28th June 2015
Travel Dates: 20th June - 31st December 2015


Get 5% off on any Summer destination  when you stay for 2 nights

Get 8% off on any Summer destination when you stay for 3 nights

Get 12% off on any Summer destination when you stay for 5 nights or more

Go to for a list of non-participating hotels.

Please use the URL below to promote the sale:


T&Cs (full details on-site):

Use this coupon to get 5% off the price of your booking on any Summer destination at a participating Price Match Guarantee hotel when you stay for 2 nights, 8% off when you stay for 3 nights, and 12% off when you stay for 5or more nights. You must pay for your stay when you make the booking. The discount doesn’t apply to any taxes, fees or additional costs, and you’ll need to pay the full price for any other rooms in this booking.

To use this coupon, you must be over 18 years old and resident in the United Kingdom. You may only use this coupon for bookings made between 12:01 am GMT on 19/06/2015 and 11:59pm GMT on 28/06/2015 on the UK version of for a stay to be completed between 19/06/2015 and 31/12/2015. Bookings are subject to availability and the hotel’s terms and conditions.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or can offer any additional coverage

The Affiliate Team

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