Hoburne Holidays - Changes to T's and C's

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Hoburne Holidays Affiliate programme has recently undergone some significant changes, which are intended to help affiliates gain more sales.


PPC T's & C's

Hoburnes PPC terms and conditions have have updated them to allow you to target customers more easily:

  1. You can now bid on Miss-spellings of the Hoburne Brand
  2. You no longer have to add the Hoburne brand name to your negative keyword list.

The following terms and conditions still stand:

  1. You cannot send traffic directly to any Hoburne website
  2. You cannot use any Hoburne branding in your display URL
  3. You cannot use any Hoburne branding within your title and description
  4. You can send traffic directly to your site before sending traffic to Hoburne. The customer must click on an advert on your landing page before being directed to the Hoburne website. Automated redirects will not be accepted.
  5. You cannot bid on any brand terms or variations,
  6. You cannot bid on brand keywords alongside another word(s).



Hoburne will no longer be de-duping any affiliate sales against brand or generic PPC. This leaves all sales achieved by you, more likely to be approved, which means your earnings could rise substantially.

Please see the Hoburne affiliate Darwin profile for the complete T’s & C’s.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact Alphie Matthews


To Join the programme, follow this link: http://ui.awin.com/merchant-profile/2935

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