Hifi-Tower UK launches new affiliate programme!

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We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new Hifi-Tower UK affiliate programme on AffiliateWindow. Sign up here!


About Hifi-Tower UK
Hifi-Tower specialises in audio equipment and consumer electronics. We offer a great range of outstanding products at prices everyone can afford. Our top selling products include DJ and PA equipment, car multimedia, home cinema, digital cameras and lifestyle products and we are continually adding to our range.

Why join the Hifi-Tower affiliate programme?
Our affiliate programme offers a 5% commission rate. On average, an order on the Hifi-Tower website comes out to over £100: big shopping baskets mean big commissions!
We have up-to-date product feeds and a selection of banners for you to choose from. We keep our publishers current with the latest news, vouchers, and promotions on offer.

Feel free to contact Lisa Tam at l.tam@hifi-tower.co.uk for any questions or assistance.

Launch special!
Receive 7% commission on every sale made until 31 July, 2013! After this time, commission rates will be offered at our regular 5%.

Sign up for the Hifi-Tower UK affiliate programme now!