Halloween Ideas At Conrad Electronic UK

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Conrad Electronic UK

Make Halloween 2012 more fun than ever with Conrad Electronic UK. As you might imagine we have a few of the most innovative ways to enjoy some technology this Halloween.

Velleman MK145 Halloween Pumpkin Kit
Velleman MK145 Halloween Pumpkin Kit
Use the instructions provided to build a light-up halloween pumpkin that will go down a scream with your friends and family. This kit provides excellent soldering experience working with LEDs, electrolytic capacitors, transistors, switches and resistors.
Was £10.79
Now £7.99
Save £2.80

Velleman MK166 Animated Ghost Kit
Velleman MK166 Animated Ghost Kit
Build a fun ghost kit that will spook your friends and family. The ghost reacts to sudden noises producing a number of ghoulish sounds, motorised movements and its red LED eyes light up and flash. This kit is ideal for beginners to project kits and provides experience working with LEDs, motors and sound producing components.
Was £11.59
Now £10.99
Save £0.60