Halloween, Black Friday/CyberMonday, XMAS promotions

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Hi everyone,

Thank you to everyone for joining our affiliate programme and sharing our codes over the last few months - Tostadora t-shirts has received a tremendous growth in exposure, clicks and have resulted in many orders! Thank you!

Just a reminder that our affiliates earn 10% per sale and we provide regular coupons, attractive banners and updated data feed to share with your audience. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you'd like from our affiliate programme.

Additionally... we've been working hard with lots of affiliates to organize exposure for the Halloween, Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, and also for the Christmas holidays. Please let in touch with us if you have dates/exposure available. Any options to increase our website/coupon visibility will be interesting for us, including newsletter inclusions, social posts and homepage banners - especially as our products are ideal Holiday gifts and gift ideas! We're also interested in any competitions you'd like to have sponsored where we can provide the prizes (including shipping).

Our target groups are Male/Female, 25-44, interested in Movies, TV, gaming, Pop-culture, etc. looking for gifts to buy.

Email me: info@tostadora.co.uk or brian@tostadora.co.uk

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