Guide Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Guide Dogs: Frequently Asked Questions

This week we bring you some of the most frequently asked questions from the Guide Dogs FAQ section. To view all of the frequently asked questions, please use this link 

Sponsor a Puppy

How easy is it to Sponsor a Guide Dog Puppy?

Very. Simply follow the link of the appropriate Sponsor a Puppy and complete your details online! You'll then be helping to fund the training of a guide dog puppy, until he/she is matched with a future owner.

Am I the only person sponsoring this guide dog puppy?

It costs a great deal of money to train a guide dog puppy, so we wouldn't expect you to fund the total cost by yourself. That's why we operate a co-sponsorship scheme, giving you and other people the opportunity to fund this guide dog puppy's training as well as further areas of our vital work. It's a bit like the puppy having an extended family!

How will I keep in touch with my puppy's progress?

We want to make your guide dog puppy sponsorship a really worthwhile experience. So we'll send you regular photos and Pupdates on how your guide dog puppy is progressing. Plus, when you join, you'll also receive a special photo card of your puppy, a photo album and a certificate in your name as well as an exclusive calendar.

How often will I receive Pupdates about my guide dog puppy?

You will receive six Pupdates every few months, together with a photo showing how your guide dog puppy has grown.