Great Offers Guaranteed For Christmas At LyncMeUp

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LyncMeUp are pleased to bring you a selection of great offers. Currently the Sweets, the hand bag hooks and the heart shaped USB's are still getting the sales as the delivery is guaranteed by Christmas.

LyncMeUp Gift Vouchers
Christmas Offers

LyncMeUp Gift Vouchers
LyncMeUp has lined up fabulous Christmas presents for everyone to enjoy …


… and here are the Top 5 reasons to give LyncMeUp vouchers as Christmas presents :

1. The price will always be a secret…The LyncMeUp Gift voucher only shows the redeemable value, not the purchase price.
2. Gift something exciting and unique…perhaps a helicopter ride?a day at a Spa?or an amazing new gadget?
3. The voucher is easily transferrable and lasts for 3 months (so you if your mum facies something more than your sister, they can swap!) You can even gift a deal to your email address and print out the voucher to present it on Christmas Day as a surprise!
4. Easy and fuss free.. with a click of a button you’ve got your Christmas gift sorted. Place orders all the way up to the Christmas morning!
5. Great value from 50%-90% off the usual price ..

…. Dreams will come true with LyncMeUp, even with a small budget.We bring to you an exciting line up of Christmas gifts and activities such as helicopter rides, archery, capoeira or just a relaxing time at the day spa, hair dressers or at float works.. all on more than a 50% discount..

Christmas Offers
1kg of Sweet Shop Classics for £9 (usually £18) - save 50%
1kg of Sweet Shop Classics for £9 (usually £18) - save 50%
Sweet for my sweet, sugar for my darling ... if that's the tune rolling in your head, you might want to put your tongue to all these delicious sweets brought to you by Great Toys 4 U.

For only £9 (usually £18) you get 1kg of Sweets delivered to your door. Choose from Dew Drops, Fizzy Cherry Cola, Fruit Pastilles, Jazzies, Milk Bottles, Liquorice Allsorts, Mini Fruit Salad, Mint Imperials, Snowies, Chocolate Flavour Raisins, Sour Dummies, Toffee Bon Bons, Strawberry & Vanilla Bottles, American Hardgums, Midget Gems and Chocolate Flavour Peanuts.

To sweeten the deal further, if you redeem your voucher before Wednesday 21st December you will have your 1kg of sweets delivered before Christmas!
RRP £18
Saving £9
LyncMeUp Price £9
Discount Percentage 50%

Beautiful heart-shaped hand-bag hook
Beautiful heart-shaped hand-bag hook
If you're looking for a gift that combines style, beauty and functionality - look no further, as these stunning diamond and gem handbag hooks will set hearts a flutter!

They're not just pretty little things that look good; they are really functional and compact making it an essential accessory in every girl's handbag! You can now stylishly hang your bag from any table; keeping it close to you, away from bag snatchers, free from dirt and making you look organized and very lady-like. The hooks make perfect gifts for your friends as they will no longer have to put their designer handbags on the grubby floor.

We've joined forces with Gift Me Something Special to bring you an incredible deal. You can get one of these hand-bag holders for just £6 (save 62.5%) or 3 for £15 (save 68.75%)! As it's that time of year, your order will be expedited so that you get these delightful hooks before Christmas!
RRP £16
Saving £10
LyncMeUp Price £6
Discount Percentage 62%

One (£14) or Two (£20) Jewel Encrusted 4GB USB Keyring - save 64%
One (£14) or Two (£20) Jewel Encrusted 4GB USB Keyring - save 64%
We've teamed up with Gift Me Something Special to bring you this heart-shaped jewel encrusted USB which is not just a pretty little keyring, but is super functional with a hidden 4GB memory stick which stores your documents, photos and presentations.

And if you’ve had a lot of "where has my USB gone" moments, you can now put those behind you as your USB will follow you around with your keys.

Usually one of these is £39 but with today's deal you can get this diamond-encrusted USB Keychain for only for only £14. Now, in the spirit of Christmas we want to make it easy for you to share your joy and cute finds on LyncMeUp - so if you buy two, you'll get them for £10 each (£20) - now there’s a good gift idea and perhaps a key to someone’s heart!
RRP £39
Saving £25
LyncMeUp Price £14
Discount Percentage 64%