GPS offer - earn extra commission, this week only!

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Dear Affiliate,

Earn 7.5% commission on every GPS device successfully sold until Sunday, 16th December!

Our special offer on GPS devices comes to an end this Sunday, 16th December. In the last week of the promotion we are offering you the opportunity to earn extra cash, with an additional 2.5% commission on every GPS device successfully sold, totalling 7.5%!

We don’t want you to miss out on this promotion so would encourage you to promote these banners this week. Don’t forget, the high retail price, means you will more earn cash!

Our best performer during the promotion has been 234 x 60 with a conversion rate of over 30%.




Custom Made banners

Our Custom Made maps have proven very popular with customers and would recommend utilising these banners after the GPS offer has ended. These are available via Affiliate Window and will increase your clicks and conversions!

Our best performer is our 300x250 banner with a click through rate of over 10%.


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