Gocompare Updated Terms and Conditions

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Dear Affiliates,

Gocompare.com is an independent insurance comparison service in the UK, dedicated to finding consumers the right product at the right price. We aim to continually evolve the products and services we offer so that we are always at the forefront of the comparison industry.

We want to work with other people who are on the same mission to help their customers get great financial products at a great price.

Website: http://www.gocompare.com/


Gocompare.com are looking for affiliates to join its affiliate programme who are on the same mission to help customers get great financial products at a great price - Nothing quite compares to Gocompare!

With Gocompare.com, customers can also compare a wide variety of other products and services including financial, travel and business products, plus utilities and other household services. To help customers choose the right product at the right price, we have partnered with independent financial research company Defaqto to provide product overviews and star ratings.

Gocompare.com are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Firm Reference Number: 465053

Commission Structure

  • Car Insurance - £2.00 per quote
  • Home insurance - £2.00 per quote
  • Motorbike insurance - £1.00 per quote
  • Van Insurance- £2.50 per quote
  • Pet insurance -£1.00 per quote
  • Energy Single fuel £13.00 per validated sale*
  • Energy Duel fuel £24.00 per validated sale*
  • Credit Cards - £1.50 per lead
  • Loans - 80p per lead
  • Mortgages - 80p per lead
  • Life Insurance - £7.50 per lead
  • Travel Insurance - £1.00 per quote

*Conversion rate average is 55.96%

The most up-to-date creatives are available for you to use on the Awin interface.

If you wish to join the Gocompare programme or to read the full Terms & Conditions please click here.

Many thanks,

The Gocompare Affiliate Team