Go somewhere far from ordinary with flights from £138 return. Book by 23 May

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Hi British Airways Affiliate,

There’s a whole world out there, waiting to be discovered. People, places, experiences. Forget the ordinary, explore more.

Head out to the bustling market souks of Marrakech with return flights from £138 and 4 night holidays from £233pp. See the best of Tunisia and explore the magnificent Sahara Atlas mountains with return flights from £138 and 7 night holidays from just £238pp.

Experience the savannah grasslands of Ghana with return flights from only £770 return. Go on an adventure to Cape Town and enjoy 4 night holidays from £983pp.

Stroll through the heart of Mexico City and you’ll come across the ‘wall of skulls’ – part of the 14th century Aztec Templo Mayor. Book now for flights from £675 return. Travel to Jordan, and discover the wonders of Petra and a crusader fort, with flights from £449 return.

Take in the historic silk and spice route and relax on the crystalline beaches of Sri Lanka, with flights from £495 return, and 7 night holidays from just £671pp. Travel further afield and see the giant pandas of Chengdu, Sichaun with flights from £748 return.

Some of our best offers are:

Flights offers

- London to Marrakech from £138 return
A country of imperial cities that ring with the cries of muezzin and souk stall-holders. Head to the mountains, covered in walnut blossom in spring.

- London to Tunis from £138 return
Travel south through the tail-end of the Sahara Atlas mountains to the magnificent dunes of Grand Erg Oriental.

- London to Amman from £449 return
A city hewn into red-rose rock by Nabataeans, and a crusader fort perched on a rocky mountain overlooking Shoubak.

- London to Cairo from £406 return
Visited by Alexander the Great, the Oasis of Siwa is tucked away on the edge of the Great Sand Sea.

Holiday offers

- Johannesburg - Flights and 5 nights Hotel from £1026pp
3.5 million years ago, the plateau around Johannesburg, was home to the first hominids. You can see them at the Cradle of Humankind, near the Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve.

- Colombo, Sri Lanka - Flights and 7 nights Hotel from £671pp
Explore the historic waypoint along the silk and spice route, the empty crystalline beaches that stretch for miles.

- Cape Town - Flights and 5 nights Hotel from £983pp
Inspiring delight and contemplation, Cape Town is set amongst some of nature’s best work. The magnificent Table Mountain invites hardy walkers.

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Online Deposits – Secure your 2013 holiday

- 2013 Flight + hotel and flight + car holidays between £300–£999: Just pay £150 deposit per booking.

- 2013 Flight + hotel and flight + car holidays above £1000: Just pay from £300 deposit per booking.

- Full payment is due 10 weeks prior to departure.

- Excludes flight only, hotel, car and experience only bookings, and any hotel, car or experiences added to a flight only booking.

Joint Business

In 2010 British Airways and American Airlines, with Iberia, signed a historic agreement after receiving regulatory approval from the US and EU authorities, allowing them to co-operate on transatlantic flights.

The joint business has helped increase service levels for customers. It has meant that customers have access to a global network of more than 400 destinations, better scheduled travel time, more convenient connections and greater access to discounted fares by being able to book, for example, BA and AA fares on ba.com.

Commission Structure

Just a quick reminder that we offer the following commission on our program -
- Hotel+Car: 5%

- Car: 5%

- Hotel: 5%

- Flight+Hotel or Flight+Car: 3%

- Longhaul: 1.25%

- Shorthaul: 0.5%

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