GLTC - 15% off £50 Promotion Ends Midnight Tonight !

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Good afternoon publishers,


The GLTC 15% off £50 promotion ends MIDNIGHT TONIGHT! So we only have a few hours left to use voucher code WHALE and offer lots of savings to our customers. Below are some of our top sellers over the last week to help you out:



GLTC Rattan Storage Basket £22

These are selling by the bucket loads, they are a muted colour so really versatile with any room and blend perfectly with any colour scheme. The rattan basket has been made to fit both our Northcote Storage and Abbeville Storage which are perfect for bedrooms, hallways, livings rooms or playrooms to keep them tidy and stylish.




Super Chef Play Kitchen £175

Our Super Chef Kitchen has always been a top seller but now we’ve given it a revamp it’s even more popular. This year we have added a washing machine for even more fun and play value. We have also kept the very popular features of an oven,with turning knobs microwave, hob, fridge / freezer, storage cupboard, sink with moving taps, a telephone and even a towel rail. The red and white colour theme is perfect as a unisex toy appealing to both boys and girls but there is also a pink and blue themed kitchen with the Sundae Kitchen equally equipped with all the new and existing features.




White Sling Bookcase £60
This freestanding bookcase is perfect for this time of year when children have lots of new books that they are learning about at school. It’s great as the covers face forward so they can chose their book and it’s also the perfect height for them.




Plus to help you shout out about our new Autumn / Winter collection we have created you some fantastic new banners to display our range of bedding, toys and furniture. Just pull them off the AWIN interface and put your tracked link in.


Best Wishes


Lisa at GLTC