giffgaff - change in goodybag pricing

Written by Francesca Crowther on . Posted in Awin, General Promotions, Offers/Promotions, Promotion, UK

Hi everyone.


We would like to remind you that the following changes are now live on our £5 and £7.50 goodybags:

£5 goodybag

Double minutes - from 150 to 300

Price move - from £5 to £6

£7.50 goodybag

Double minutes - from 250 to 500

Price move - from £7.50 to £8


We never like to raise our prices, so we’ve tried to make sure these goodybags are more valuable than before by doubling the minutes available - in short, it’s a little more money for a lot more talk time.

We also need to change the cost of mobile data when members' allowance has run out from their goodybag to bring it in line with our normal PAYG rates. From 9 May 2019 this change will apply to every goodybag.

All goodybags

Price move - from 2p/MB to 5p/MB for mobile internet outside of your goodybag allowance


Best Regards,

The giffgaff Affiliate team