Get Lync'd Up To Some Top Deals From LyncMeUp

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This week LyncMeUp brings you a selection of their Top selling deals. With the weather changing the focus will soon be on to Christmas so why not get in there early with these Gifts, experiences or even decor!

Get Lync'd Up to a great Winter, Christmas and some Top deals!

Solar LED Strip Lights with 50 LEDs (£15 - 6m) or 120 LEDs (£26 - 13m) - (usually £39.99 & £69.99)
Solar LED Strip Lights with 50 LEDs (£15 - 6m) or 120 LEDs (£26 - 13m) - (usually £39.99 & £69.99)
Turn on the lights and brighten up the atmosphere with up to 120 Solar LED Strip Lights, whether it’s for a party, wedding, interior décor or Christmas!

Available with 50 LEDs or 120 LEDs, you can decorate and add a new lease of light to you home with a 6 metre, or a massive 13 metre strip. You can use the lights for indoor decoration, display lighting, under cabinet lighting, backlighting, building contour lighting, cover lighting or wherever you fancy! With up to 24 hours of discharge after a full charging and with two light modes of flicker and stationery, you’ll have of endless hours of illuminating joy.

As well as being waterproof the lights will work whatever the weather even in low sunlight or snow so you can ensure your home remains lit up without worry of the lights getting damaged. Using the lights couldn’t be easier, simply plug in the supplied solar battery, they’ll begin to charge and within 8 hours your home will be lit up like a Christmas tree. What’s more, the 6 metre and 13 metre strips are available in Red, Green and Blue.
RRP £39.99
Saving £25.00
LyncMeUp Price £15.00
Discount 62%

iPad PU Leather Case w/ Integrated Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for only £35 - (usually £89.99)
iPad PU Leather Case w/ Integrated Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for only £35 - (usually £89.99)

Combining the perfect blend of function and style is this iPad 2/3 accessory.

This PU coated leather case with integrated wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for your iPad 2/3 features a micro fibre-padded interior and carbon fibre exterior design to keep your iPad safe and secure. The integrated wireless keyboard (via Bluetooth) is ideal for those who which to convert the iPad into a mini laptop.

The streamlined stand has no moving parts and will hold your iPad securely in both portrait and landscape orientations. It’s island-style and Qwerty keyboard provides the maximum typing room with its special function keys operating the essential features. What’s more, the case is both waterproof and dustproof and features a rechargeable long life battery.

Give your iPad a style and practicality makeover with an iPad PU leather case with wireless Bluetooth keyboard for only £34 (usually £89.99).
RRP £89.99
Saving £55.00
LyncMeUp Price £35.00
Discount 61%

Wine Tasting Sessions – Learn the secrets to the perfect Sunday Lunch for only £19 - (usually £45)
Wine Tasting Sessions – Learn the secrets to the perfect Sunday Lunch for only £19 - (usually £45)
We adore the Great British traditions of a Sunday Lunch. It's the perfect way to spend a Sunday by lazying with friends in the pub, not cooking and enjoying a good glass of wine. But, in our haste, in search of the most scrumptious and delicious Sunday Lunch, we sometimes forget about what complements it; the drink the lunch is paired with.

Well, that’s why we’ve partnered with some fantastic pubs in London to give you a wine tasting session that’ll give you the knowledge and know-how to having the perfect Sunday meal – or any meal in fact. The sessions lasts approximately 90 minutes and in that time you’ll sample 5 delicious and characterful wines where a resident expert will take you through the tasting explaining why that particular drink matches certain foods, and how you can become better at matching for your own meals.
RRP £45.00
Saving £26.00
LyncMeUp Price £19.00
Discount 57%

Anti-Cellulite Slimming Shorts for only £9 – (usually £39.99)
Anti-Cellulite Slimming Shorts for only £9 – (usually £39.99)

Summer is finally here! And with it comes breezy summer dresses, daisy duke shorts or even slipping into that bikini, so don't let the fear of cellulite dampen your summer spirit.

Presenting anti-cellulite slimming shorts that can be worn under your clothes daily. Its weave technology helps massage and reduce cellulite whilst you work out, walk about or go about your daily activities. You can even wear them in your sleep! A popular product in the East, these shorts are just wonderful as they contour your lower stomach and thighs allowing easy movement.

So if time is of the essence and you are committed on busting cellulite and to get smoother looking skin without sweating too much, you just might want to make room for a pair of anti-cellulite slimming shorts for only £9 ( Price reduced by 77%).
RRP £39.99
Saving £31.00
LyncMeUp Price £9.00
Discount 77%

Colourful iPhone, iPod & iPad Charger & Sync Cable for only £1 – (usually £4.99)
Colourful iPhone, iPod & iPad Charger & Sync Cable for only £1 – (usually £4.99)

How many times have you had your iPhone charging and sync cable 'go missing'. It's easy to do, they all look the same! With toda's deal this can be a thing of the past as nobody can claim your red/pink/green phone charger as their own.

These bright and colourful iPhone, iPod and iPad charger and sync cables will make the boring generic white cable a thing of the past with 9 super funky colours to choose from; Light Pink, Yellow, Rose Pink, Green, Orange, Purple, Blue & Black. Choose your favourite colour or get the colours that match your iPhone, iPod and iPad cases. Why not get one for every iPhone/iPod/iPad owner in the family, office, college or home.

What’s more, the cable measures 1 Metre in length and works like any other charging and sync cable. To charge and sync your device simply plug the cable into any USB port.

Add a splash of colour and personalise iPhone, iPod or iPad with a colourful charger and sync cable for only £1 (usually £5). A charged apple a day, keeps a lot of trouble at bay!
RRP £4.99
Saving £4.00
LyncMeUp Price £1.00
Discount 79%