Gadget Week at LyncMeUp

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Technology is moving at the speed of light.. well, not that fast, but considering that the first personal computer was invented in 1975, we have come a long way baby! Every month we come across quirky new products..some such as the keyboard jeans..quirky indeed!

At LyncMeUp we keep abreast with the latest innovations and trends and lync you to some fabulous gadgets and essential electronics. What’s more we’ve just launched the Gadget week from 11 to 17 May 2012 wherein everyday you will find exciting new gadget at an amazing discount…

We’ve kick started the Gadget week with an incredible 32″ Samsung Flat Screen HD TV for £295 only..

Expect Android tablets, TV, funky toys, Software programs, iPad,iPhone Accessories .. all these and more at a 25-75% Discount..

And with Fathers Day just weeks away , there isn’t a better time to launch a Gadget Week ..(If you’re wondring when Fathers Day in the UK is..its on Sunday, 17th of June this 2012)As some products have a delivery time of 3 weeks, there just isn’t a better time to get a cool, nifty gadgets on an offer!

So if you want to spot some cool and quirky new gadgets, be sure to sign up to your city on (there are 42 cities in the UK to choose from) and you might just find something that you fancy..