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Honestly, once you’ve gotten a mattress, you’re pretty likely to stop thinking about it, and because you spend so much time on it you might not notice it gradually aging.  Unfortunately, having a bad mattress is way more of a problem than you probably think (link to our blog here), so here’s how you’ll know when your mattress has given up.

The Springs Poke You

This is the obvious one- the more time you spend on the mattress the more likely you are to have pushed the springs out of place, which probably means they’ll be digging into you as you sleep.

Everything Hurts

As your mattress ages, it’ll stop supporting you as well as it has- the areas of our body that put the most pressure on it (your back and hips) will create divots which provide no support and cause joint pain.

Your Allergies Are Acting Up

As a mattress gets old, more dust settles in the crevices, which can cause those of us with dust allergies to wake up sniffly and sneezing

You Wake Up Tired

You feel like you can’t get up in the morning, it might be because a lumpy mattress is making it really difficult for you to get comfortable in your sleep, so you’re tossing and turning.

Whilst getting a new mattress might not be top of our priorities list, remember that getting 8 hours of proper, REM sleep makes you smarter, more attractive, less stressed and healthier, so you should probably at least think about investing in a new mattress as soon as you see your old one start to age.

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