Free Gardening Gloves Worth £4.99 with EVERY Order!

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Offer: Free Gardening Gloves Worth £4.99 with Every Order!


Start Date: 27/11/2012

End Date: 14/12/2012

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Offer Description:

From plants to trees and tools to sheds, Garden Bargains has everything you need to make you garden as perfect as
you want it and for the next couple of weeks we are giving away a free pair of gardening gloves with every order
placed on our site!

Customers do not need to enter a code at the checkout, they just shop as normal from the hundreds of products on
our site and they will automatically receive the gloves when they go to the checkout.

These are essential for all types of gardener, so we fully expect a surge in sales due to this free giveaway so
promote the offer from today and take advantage of our excellent commission rates that are listed below.

Commission Structure for all non-cashback sites:

Up to 25 confirmed sales in any month – 10% of total net sales (excl. delivery)

26 to 50 confirmed sales in any month – 11% of total net sales (excl. delivery)

51 to 99 confirmed sales in any month – 12% of total net sales (excl. delivery)

100+ confirmed sales in any month - 15% of total net sales (excl. delivery)

Commission Structure for cashback sites:

3% for each confirmed sale

The commission Garden Bargains offer to our affiliates is why our program is growing all the time
and why you should take advantage of this and promote our offers today!

We believe that those that put the most effort into our program should be rewarded correctly
and this sliding commission structure does exactly that!

Below I have highlighted a couple of our products that may be of interest to your visitors:

Easy Fill Hanging Basket

They really are a ‘Professional Growers’ secret weapon! BUT you too can now grow massive, long lasting
and beautifully colourful
hanging basket displays all-year-round – No prior experience needed!

These easy fill hanging baskets are 12 inch (30cm) diameter and hold around 7 litres of compost, allowing maximum
root growth AND ensuring each plant reaches its full potential every single time. The ‘Lattice Gated’ planting holes take
the guesswork out of how and where to plant and critically, allow you to plant from the outside
in – so there’s no crushing or mushing of the roots and no tearing or bruising of the leaves!

Bonsai Segeretia Gift Set

Perfect for giving any home entrance, conservatory, patio or balcony a sunny and uplifting Mediterranean feel,
Oleander bushes are absolutely breath-taking!

These plants have been cultivated all over the Mediterranean and South East Asia since ancient times.

The lush, evergreen foliage provides all year round interest and the masses of spectacular blooms it produces exude a rich, heady fragrance
all summer long. No wonder it’s one of the UK’s favourite hardy exotics!

The plant grows to a maximum height of approximately six metres in its native environment, and will also reach a good height here in the UK.

The plants are winter hardy down to -6C and very easy to grow.

They enjoy hot, dry weather and are extremely drought resistant. They can be grown in any type of soil providing it is well drained.!!!id!!!&clickref=&


Gary Cutler
Affiliate Marketing Manager

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