Free Download: Kids’ Recipe Card At toucanBox

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Free Download: Kids’ Recipe Card At toucanBox

If your kids enjoy baking, then this free recipe card will be a great little addition to help them get started. To download, click here.

I’m not quite sure why the sunshine-y weather that we’re currently enjoying gives many people that little spark of inspiration to head into the kitchen and get baking. After all, who wants to be cooped up in an overheating kitchen, with the oven on and fingers covered in dough? Who wants to be scrubbing at the worktop after the flour mixes with water and creates little bumpy cement pieces?

But still, that inspiration does spark, and we all feel the benefit. Or our tummies do. Perhaps it’s because you can pack those cookies and cakes up and take them over to a picnic, showered with praise by your friends for your rock-star icing skills. Or perhaps it’s that the Great British Bake Off starts again, with their pristine outdoor workspaces under gazebos, and throwing on an apron yourself becomes just too irresistible.

And when you mix in cooking with the kids, the fun raises (puns intended). Not only are they fascinated by the magic of combining ingredients to get something completely new, but there’s also the measuring, pouring, kneading and timekeeping that makes it not only fun, but very educational.

We’ve designed some excellent baking-related toucanBox projects, including aprons, baker hats and cake toppers, so kids can not only get excited about baking, but look the part too. And to help them develop their own recipes, or simply pick their favourites, we’ve made a cool baking card. Just download it, print it out and get designing!

And if you really want to send us cookies, you can find our HQ address on your toucanBox… To download, click here.


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