Flooring Trends For 2012 From Rated People

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Rated People

Patriotic flooring and patterned carpets, Claire from Paul’s Floors has seen it all this year. She also knows the trends that are here to stay and how you can best deal with creaky floors.

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Have you seen any flooring trends that you think will go out of fashion quickly?

There’s recently been a rush of red, white and blue themed flooring made available (for obvious reasons!). Whilst a lot of this flooring is fantastic and made by some very reputable manufacturers, we would advise against spending a fortune on something that may not be so popular next year! One idea would be, to embrace the patriotism that’s around now with a rug – there’s loads available and it’s not a permanent fixture in your home.

We’ve also seen an increase in people daring to move away from beige! There’s been an upsurge in requests for patterned carpets (in particular stripes), whilst in recent years, the trend has been to stay safe and keep it neutral. It’s a bold move but we really like it and have fitted some stunning flooring recently. Whilst we don’t think this is a trend that will necessarily go out of fashion, you should make sure you can live with it before making the move. There are some fantastic vinyl floors available too in some very bright colours and bold patterns – ideal for children’s bedrooms and bathrooms.

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What’s always in fashion and how can you elongate the life of your flooring?

No matter what type of flooring you have, a good entrance mat at all exterior doors to your house is essential to help your floors retain their original style.

In relation to carpets, the good old twist carpet is always a favourite. Like, we say on our new website (www.paulsfloors.co.uk – thanks for asking!) it’s like the Chuck Norris of the flooring world and will withstand all kinds of attacks against it. However, one way to make it even more hardy is to have a chemical stain  protector applied prior to fitting. Mr Pauls Floors says that regular hoovering is essential – although I’m not sure whether that’s just a dig at me! Treat any spillages straight away, soak up any excess liquid with a clean cloth or white kitchen roll. Apply any stain remover to the cloth, not the carpet and always dab, don’t rub.

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A good oak wood floor never goes out of fashion and either engineered or solid, if treated with a bit of TLC will last a very long time. To avoids scratches etc, it may be an idea to ask people to remove their shoes before entering. Always keep those pesky pet claws trimmed, a rampaging dog or a skitty pussycat can do a lot of surface damage! Only brush with a soft brush and never use a lot of water when cleaning it – the key word to describe your mop should be damp.