Firebox: This Mother's Day, It's Payback. Come on, she deserves more than flowers.

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Has your mum ever painted on your walls? Thrown a tantrum in the middle of a shopping centre? Crashed your car? Trashed your house? Got lashed and not returned home all night? We didn’t think so… And if she did, wouldn’t you expect something pretty darn impressive to make up for all that you’ve had to endure? This Mother’s Day, Firebox (the world’s greatest retailer) has a lovingly collated range of thoughtful gifts that’ll show her you’re truly grateful – and truly sorry. Come on, she deserves more than flowers.


Afternoon Tea with Bea Kit
Including a mouthwatering set of recipes, a selection of beautiful cupcake wrappers and invitations, mum will have everything she needs to host picture-perfect afternoon tea with friends



Portable Everlasting Plants
Brighten up your mum’s life with this trio of easy-to-assemble punch-out paper plants. The Portable Everlasting Plant’s trendy succulent leaves instantly decorate windowsills, kitchen tables, and desktops.



Birdie Swing Tea Infuser
This clever, kooky tea strainer will help mum create the perfect cuppa. Fill the birdie with loose tea, place it in a cup of boiling water and the lid will keep mum’s brew warm for longer



Best in Show
These books give you the unique opportunity to knit yourself a pet. Whether you’re keen on kitties or devoted to dogs, each lovingly designed hardcover copy is packed with patterns, tips and trivia.



Musical Wine Glasses
Perfect for wine loving mums, these glasses feature musical notations corresponding with levels of liquid. So, while a nice full glass might be a B flat, when you start getting low on vino, you’ll be playing a G sharp



Corkcicle Colour
Forget drippy ice-buckets, this gadget slots right into the top of your bottle; chilling your mum’s wine from within. Available in four great colours, this will help you (and your wine) stay cool



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