Firebox: Hot 10 Gifts for Christmas!

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For the first time bring you a Top 10 guide for each of its categories – with the number 1 slots making up a collection of 10 of the best and most astounding gifts.

Ryan Collins, Head of Buying said: “The cool hunters at Firebox have spent the last year searching the world for fun, weird and the truly exciting gifts and for the first time ever we’ve released what we believe are the very best gifts you can buy for Christmas.”

Continuing he said: “There is no excuse for buying boring gifts when you can buy something extraordinary and amazing, and the Firebox Top 10 will not disappoint.”


#1 Tech

iCade £79.99 (Game packages include 4 games for 79p or 200 at £7.99)

The iCade is a brilliantly superb device that turns your iPad into a mini arcade - complete with traditional joystick and buttons. Not only is it finger achingly addictive it’s also simple to set up - just pop your iPad or iPad 2 into the machine, download the Atari Greatest Hits app and away you go.!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Gadget

ReCover Cases £12.99

These retro inspired iPhone cases are the perfect gift for any old-skool-techno loving iPhone user. Simply choose from 4 designs; Camera, Game Controller, Calculator or Amp, snap it on your iPhone and away you go; protected and anti-modern.!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Home and Garden

Gamepad Chopping Board £14.99 EXCLUSIVE

We’ve teamed up with the design gurus at Joseph Joseph to create the Gamepad Chopping Board adorned with an iconic joypad design from the halcyon days of gaming. Made from toughened glass with non-slip rubber feet, this funky kitchen essential provides a hygienic, odour and stain-resistant work surface for all types of food preparation.!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Toys and Games

Kuchi Paku £38.99 (Talking lion, penguin and polar bear)

Don’t be fooled, this super cute cuddly toy is more than just plush – he also doubles as a superb animated speaker. Just plug in a phone, an MP3 player or a microphone and it will talk or sing in sync with the sound you're playing. He also acts as a voice piece for in-coming calls, with comedy consequences.!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Kids

Star Wars Lego Alarm Clock £26.49

Available in Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Yoda or Luke Skywalker designs, these cool pose-able LCD Lego-men alarm clocks are officially licensed by George Lucas and his brick-stacking buddies in Denmark. You can even activate each characterful clock’s snooze and backlight function by pushing down on their heads – just use the force!!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Sports and Outdoors

Skatecycle £149.99 EXCLUSIVE

Already making waves across the pond, this cool piece of kit is the world’s first self-propelled hubless skate. Just slot your feet into the space where the hubs should be and carve down a hill (like a snowboarder), or weave along the flat. The clever set up lets you propel yourself along indefinitely, without ever taking your feet off the plates!!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Entertainment

Duff beer £9.99 for 6 bottles; £24.99 for 24 cans

Okay so it’s not brewed in Springfield (believe it or not it’s German) but that’s just as well because we all know German lager trumps American beer every time. Coming in at 4.7% this mild(ish) lager is really rather refreshing and the packaging is just the same as the iconic cardboard carry-outs you see in Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart.!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Food and Drink

MyMallow Cutting Kit £12.99 EXCLUSIVE

This cute and effective MyMallow Cutting Kit is a fun, easy-to-use, child-friendly, and edible way to decorate your hot drinks, cakes, puds or festive table this Christmas. The set includes two large sheets of marshmallow (blue and white) and two cookie cutters (snowflake and star).!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 Gift

Pickmaster Plectrum £21.49

Make a personalised plectrum out of your credit card with the Pickmaster Plectrum Punch. Just like a hole punch and around the same size, this ingenious device will punch a perfect guitar pick out of any plastic sheet- bank card.!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

#1 WTF

VW Camper Van Tent £299.99

100k Likes can’t be wrong. This Officially licensed four-man (or lady, natch) tent is a luxe, full-size replica of the iconic 1965 VW Camper Van synonymous with 60s counterculture. And, who wouldn’t want to camp in a VW Camper? Even if it’s a tent!!!!id!!!&clickref=&p=

In addition to the Top 10 Firebox has, for the first time, launched a dedicated Christmas Decorations Shop packed with traditional (and not so traditional) Christmas ornaments including baubles, light, food and novelties.

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