Firebox DAILY DEALS - This Weekend's Offers

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Hi affiliates,


Firebox's daily deals are back for this week! Each offer will be valid from 9am on the day stated and run until 8.59am the following day.


See below for this weekend's DAILY DEALS, for 1 day only each!


Saturday 8th December - 20% off iVee Talking Clock

£39.99 Was £49.99



Sleek and unassuming, the ivee Voice Activated Alarm Clock fits easily into even the most refined surroundings, and removes the need for repetitive button pushing.

Capable of understanding over 30 simple voice commands, ivee joins C3PO and that robot from Lost in Space in the list of helpful talking machines. Of course, if you want a break from talking to your clock, then you can always rely on the touchscreen capabilities and volume buttons.

Her dulcet tones will talk you through the setup process, personalising the time, date and various additional features. ivee boasts a 5” LED screen and plenty of extras, including a selection of soothing sleep sounds, 6 alternative alarms and a built-in thermostat to keep you on top of any temperature changes.




Sunday 9th December - 20% off Roller Rock Glass

£11.99 Was £14.99



The renaissance-era lampshade casts a warm, crimson glow across the bar. A piano tinkles in the corner of the small, dark stage. Many expensive, leather bound books line the walls and there is a slight scent of rich mahogany. Impossibly attractive people lounge in decadent, shadowy alcoves. Cigar smoke hangs like pungent blue smog above your head.

It’s been a tough week. But when it comes time to unwind, you deserve the best.




Don't forget today's daily deal is still live - 40% off Star Trek Door Chime!


Friday 7th December - Star Trek Door Chime

£14.99 Was £24.99




Please do not promote each daily deal until the day the offer goes live


Remember to replace !!!id!!! with your affiliate ID


Happy Promoting!

Firebox Affiliate Team