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Hi affiliates,


Firebox's daily deals are running throughout this week! Each offer will be valid from 9am on the day stated and run until 8.59am the following day.



Tomorrow's daily deal is 25% Off TidyTilt for 1 day only! Check this out below as well as the rest of the week's hot offers!


Thursday 29th November - TidyTilt

£17.99 Was £23.99

We all love our iPhones; the sleek design, the time consuming apps and the freedom to access the web wherever we go. We’re addicted to the increased social connection, not to mention the immediate feeling of faint superiority. We just love them so much.

But as with any beautiful and innovative, superiority inducing communication device, there is always a downside. That’s right; your iPhone may be dangerous; dangerously messy, and annoyingly unstable.




Friday 30th November - Berlin Boombox

£37.49 Was £49.99

Frustrated with the lack of a really (affordable) and iconic looking stereo for the digital generation, German designer Axel Pfaender decided to create his own.

Using industrial strength recycled cardboard, and including all the necessary parts, this DIY stereo is ideal for anyone who likes a hands-on approach to their tunes.

The striking black and white ‘boombox’ design looks excellent straight out of the box, but is wide open for some colourful personalisation. Plus, thanks to the fitted and folded nature of the construction, it's incredibly strong and hard wearing, while remaining lightweight.




Saturday 1st December - Boombotix Street Speaker

£44.99 Was £49.99

Fusing urban style with quality audio, the Boombotix Street Speaker utilises Bluetooth to create a truly portable package. Clip it to your belt, slip it in a bag or attach it to a bike for travelling tunes, or just keep it perched on your desk for some stationary songs.

The battery takes about an hour to recharge via USB and offers 8 hours of runtime, while the sturdy construction is showerproof, making it a great companion no matter where, or how wide you roam. Plus, thanks to the Bluetooth compatibility, you won’t even need cables (although there’s an aux input, just in case you feel the need).




Sunday 2nd December - Wild Hibiscus Gift Set

£19.99 Was £24.99

There are several ways to bring out the best in bubbly, but popping in a Wild Hibiscus Flower makes your average Kir Royale about as exciting as a pint of flat shandy. And that's because these amazing edible buds actually bloom into flowers when dropped in anything fizzy. Amazing!

Exclusive to Firebox, the Wild Hibiscus Flowers Gift Set contains everything you need to dazzle your guests. The jar of hibiscus flowers contains eleven blooms floating in a sweet, pinkish syrup. Simply place one in a champagne flute (or other glass), pour in some of the syrup and then fill up with the delicious Tirant Lo Blanc White Sparkling Wine – or for a non-alcoholic twist you could even use sparkling water!



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