Firebox DAILY DEAL - 30% off Ogon Wallets

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Hi affiliates,


Firebox's daily deals will be running throughout the week! Each offer will be valid from 9am on the day stated and run until 8.59am the following day.


Today, customers can get 30% off our Ogon Wallets for 1 day only!


*Note: this offer is valid on Black, Blue and Silver wallets only*


Tuesday 20th November - Ogon RFID Wallets

£19.59 Was £27.99



Wallets have traditionally been designed to hold cash, not cards. Thing is, cash is fast becoming yesterday’s currency, a fact most wallet makers seem keen to ignore. For this reason we’ve been on the lookout for a pocket-sized receptacle that will protect flexible friends as well as wonga, whilst exuding a dash of 21st century style. Step forward the gorgeously sleek Ogon RFID Wallet.

This revolutionary wallet is encased in light but über sturdy protective aluminium to prevent cards from bending, snapping and cracking. And get this: its special casing shields cards from RFID scanners and demagnetisation (which can strip out data). This means you won’t fall victim to tech-savvy fraudsters or Wile E. Coyote-style cartoon characters armed with comedy u-shaped magnets. You can laugh but scoundrels are already nicking card details by the bucketload using portable scanners.




Tomorrow, our daily deal will be 20% off Picture Keepers!


Wednesday 21st November - Picture Keeper

£11.99 Was £14.99 (4GB)

£23.99 Was £29.99 (8GB)
£39.99 Was £49.99 (16GB)



Strange though it may seem, there are still lots of people who can’t use computers. They can probably manage to find the on/off button, but anything more is a challenge; and who can blame them? At the pace it’s going, you’d have to be a long-legged Jamaican in lycra to even stand a chance of keeping up with technology.

With this in mind, we bring you the Picture Keeper – simple name, simple concept – perfect for grandparents, technophobes and the recently lapsed Amish folks.



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