Findmypast IE launches on Affiliate Window with up to €50 commission

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For those not already aware findmypast is a family history and genealogy website. We’re one of the leading suppliers of online family history with an ever-growing collection of over 1.8 billion family history records.

As you may have heard we’re launching a separate programme for our affiliate programme. This will help give you individual reporting for each FMP territory as well as helping us keep you up to date with activity specifically relating to

To celebrate the new programme we’ve introduced new rates for You can earn up to 40% commission on every sale - that's up to €50 per sale!

Standard earnings per sale available on

• World 12 Month Subscription - €50
• World 1 Month Subscription - €6
• IE 12 Month Subscription - €35
• IE 1 Month Subscription - €4
• Pay as you Go 100 Units - €2.50
• Free Trial - €1.50

You can sign up to the programme by visiting our Darwin profile page:

Did You Know?

We’ve also launched a US programme recently, so if you have websites or visitors from the US you can take advantage by promoting our US programme.

You can sign up to the FMP US programme by visiting our Darwin profile page:
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