Final reminder - please update logos and copy

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Please update your logos and copy

The team at Clarks would like to remind you that we recently uploaded new registered logos to the interface, please ensure to update your logos on site accordingly. If you do not have the updated logo in place by Monday 19th October, Clarks will consider lowering your CPA or suspending you from the programme, as the use of outdated logos constitutes a violation of their terms and conditions

We would also like to remind you again

  1. Please ensure that you only use approved copy when promotion offers from Clarks
  2. Please do not us screengrabs from the Clarks site as these will become outdated quickly
  3. All Clarks approved banners can be found on our interface under the links and banners section
  4. Clarks registered logos must be used (also found on the banners section)
  5. Please regularly check the promotions on site to ensure that these are active. Please remove out of date promotions/offers and codes.

We have also updated the copy to use for Clarks, please refer to the info available from the Clarks profile on Darwin and remove any outdated copy you may still have on site asap.

Please ensure both the copy on site and your logos are updated asap. The requirement to use the correct copy and logos for Clarks is stated in their terms and conditions and violating these can lead to suspension from the programme.

If you have any questions or comments, please email or

The Clarks affiliate team