Expired and new offers from BT

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Last Friday was very exciting in BT with the launch of Totally Unlimited Broadband offering.  It’s been received very well and is outselling regular broadband 2:1 in the past few days.  Apart from being Totally Unlimited, it also comes with extra storage via BT Cloud.  I’ve attached some information about BT Cloud to the document section of the BT TotalBB profile.

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Customers receive Free broadband for 6 months, then £16 a month* plus line rental from £10.75 a month.




We’ll also keep you updated on sales stats and let you know what’s trending on BT.com to give you the opportunity to change your lead offer from BT on site.  YouView is also contributing healthy numbers via online with the triple offer being particularly good value.


TV, Unlimited Broadband + Call From only £16 for 18 months.  FREE YouView box with any TV and Broadband package. * New TV customers only.  £49 activation charge, plus Line rental from £10.75/month.




Also, we now see the end of the very popular £13 Free for 6 months offer.  It will be removed overnight and will be replaced from Friday 8th February with our BB Unlimited Evening and Weekend plan at £6.50 for 3 months, then £13, so please update this on site.


During this quarter we will still continue with the Sainsbury’s vouchers (£25/£50) depending on the offer so don’t forget to include these also.


Since last weekend, we have had some really fabulous coverage in the papers about our new offer - also putting in a late run this week is the BT6500 affectionately called the ‘Nuisance Phone’.  If you’ve not seen this yet, the Blog on BT life explains more http://www.btlife.bt.com/technology-and-communication/a-new-way-to-block-nuisance-calls/.


As always, please do not make any changes live until you have spotted them on BT.com.


Thanks for your continued efforts on the programme and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager.