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Example Boxes From toucanBox

ToucanBox is pleased to give you an insight into the types of adventures your little ones will have each fortnight upon opening their box. Will you receive the Pirate Treasure Chest or the Bird Feeder? Check out other examples here.

Pirate Treasure Chest

They sailed the seven seas plundering gold and all types of treasure! Now you can become a petite pirate too; bury your treasure and use your map to discover where it is. Ahoy!  

Mondrian's Canvas Art

Modern art is made up of many inventive techniques, but few artists are more bold than Mondrian and his use of bright, contrasting colours. Create your own version of this work on your mini canvas. Hang it up and admire from afar!

Bird Feeder

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Construct a colourful bird feeder and watch your feathery friends flock in. How many can you name?


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