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The brand ETO Jeans launched in 2007, at ETO Jeans we are inspired to produce fashionable denim wear that will not only be on trend but also comfortable for day to day wear and for special occasions. ETO Jeans will establish you a unique look that you will find stylish to wear.

ETO Jeans has great long-lasting quality that will allow you to shine no matter what piece of clothing you are wearing. ETO Jeans has no specific target audience as it has clothing which is fit for young boys to adults so there is no holding you back as we have clothing for everyone.

Modern, chic and urban every season, ETO has been acknowledged as an assertive and worthy brand since 2007. Growing year by year, the brand ETO is being purchased by major known retailers and mail order groups all over the UK and further afield.

ETO Jeans has displayed various trade shows year by year in the UK, as well in Europe at the CPH Copenhagen and the most recent being CPM – Moscow. The marketing activities which have been started by the brand include advertising Championship football, billboards in London underground and promoting at the Manchester Trafford Centre. Along with frequent advertising in trade magazines such as Drapers, Menswear Insight, GQ and FHM.

History of ETO Jeans

ETO Jeans is not only affordable but has a variety of stylish clothing options with several promotions available. With over 50 years of experience in the denim industry the co-founder gained inspiration by visiting the traditional landmarks by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudí.

The brand ETO Jeans is designed to create a cutting-edge design that will appeal to our customers and will also inherit the brands heritage. From the design stage to the final release of the products, we are extremely particular on attention to detail.

Autumn and Winter Collection 2018

The Autumn and Winter Collection is now available with clothing items that will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the cold season. Our collection includes knitwear which is designed to keep you warm throughout the winter period. This warm and comfortable knitwear jumper will allow you to escape the winter months.

ETO has designed denim jeans that are comfortable and will give you the stylish look that you are looking for in the winter months. This will allow you to stay warm and healthy so you don’t catch a cold.

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