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Enjoy a Sloe September with Warner's

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Warner's Distillery

Our Sloe Gin is the perfect autumnal treat

Voluptuous, rich, and fruity… Our Sloe Gin is the perfect autumnal treat.

And you won't get a serve more simple.

Add a splash of lemon tonic and pour over ice.


What's the story?

Each year, we invite every man, woman and their dogs to swap their sloes at our farm in exchange for bottles of our world-beating Sloe Gin, obviously.

This year’s sloe swap spots were all snapped up in a couple of hours but why not have a go at making your own?

The longer you can steep your sloes, the better. We leave ours in for around a month.

It’s a seriously sloe process. (Sorry.)

Did you know?

The flavour of sloe very much depends on the maceration time of the berries in the alcohol – this is where the skill of our distillers comes into play.

We only remove the berries when we are convinced the flavour is at its best!

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