Easily.co.uk Commission Breakdown

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I thought it would be useful to have a full breakdown of the commission levels for the various easily.co.uk products on one post.

We'd love to hear from you if you have any creative requests, questions or promotion opportunities, so just drop us an email.

New & Improved Easily.co.uk Commission Levels

20% Commission

New purchases of:
Website Creator Personal Full
Website Creator Ecommerce

15% Commission

New registrations of the following 1 year and 2 year domain names -
1 year: .eu
2 year: .biz, .net, .org

12% Commission

New purchase of EasilyShop Professional

10% Commission

New registrations of the following 10 year domain names -
10 year: .biz, .com, .co.uk, .net, .org, .info

Default Commission at 8.5%

New registrations of domain names -

1 year: .co.uk, .com, .net, .me.uk, .org, .org.uk, .biz, .info, .tv, .mobi, .me, .tel, .co, .at, .xxx
2 year: .co.uk, .com, .me.uk, .org.uk, .info, .tv, .mobi, .me, .tel, .co
5 year: .co.uk, .com, .net, .me.uk, .org, .org.uk, .biz, .info, .tv, .mobi, .me, .tel, .co
10 year:  .me.uk, .org.uk, .tv, .mobi, .me

Transfer in of domain names -

1 year: .co.uk, .com, .net, .me.uk, .org, .org.uk, .biz, .info, .tv, .eu, .mobi, .me, .tel, .co, .at, .xxx

2 year: .co.uk, .com, .net, .me.uk, .org, .org.uk, .biz, .info, .tv, .mobi, .me, .tel, .co

5 year: .co.uk, .com, .net, .me.uk, .org, .org.uk, .biz, .info, .tv, .mobi, .me, .tel, .co

New purchases of email hosting -

JustMail, AdvancedMail, MobileMail, CommunityMail

New purchases of web hosting -

Linux Beginner, Linux Advanced, Linux Professional
Windows Beginner, Windows Advanced, Windows Professional

New purchases of Website Creator -

WSC Personal Limited, WSC Starter, WSC Standard

New purchases of Website Creator Package -

WSC Personal Limited Package, WSC Personal Full Package, WSC Starter Package, WSC Standard Package, WSC Ecommerce Package
.com Website Creator Package, .net Website Creator Package

New purchases of EasilyShop:

EasilyShop Beginner
EasilyShop Advanced

New purchases of EasilyMe website
New purchases of Search Engine Submission tool
New purchases of SSL Premium

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Chris & The Easily Team