Earn up to £2,500 on top of Commission With LyncMeUp

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LyncMeUp’s Christmas and New Year Affiliate Bonus Competition 2011

LyncMeUp.com (pronounced link-me-up) has been fast gaining popularity in the UK daily deals market and we've now started our promotions in 42 cities across the UK along with our National deals. In October, LyncMeUp.com sponsored the London LifeStyle Awards 2011 and since then have partnered with more than 300 new merchants and affiliates.

So in the spirit of Christmas we not only have great offers for our customers but also for our affiliates.... besides high commissions from 13-15% , we’ve set up a simple competition for you to get SPECIAL CASH BONUS of up to £2500. The tier based competition will ensure you get extra CASH for your efforts ..

8 Week Bonus competition starts on : Tuesday 22 November to Monday 9, January 2012

The first 20 affiliates to get 50 deal purchases earn a £100 reward
The first 10 affiliates to get 200 deal purchases earn a £200 reward
The first 02 affiliates to get 500 deal purchases earn a £700 reward
The first affiliates to get 1,000 deal purchases earns a £1,500 reward

* This promotion is based on deal purchases, which have been validated through Awin

*Bonus amount includes VAT

Deal purchases includes deals bought between Tuesday the 22nd and Monday 9th January 2012.

Deals must be over the £3 threshold to qualify for the mentioned promotion

Last day for the Xmas Promotion is 9th January 2012

Bonus amount will be credited to the affiliate by 20 January 2012.

Latest Deals
Make your own iPhone 4 / 4S case and stand out from the crowd
Personalising your things is definitely 'in' right now, we just can’t get enough of it. Having your photos printed onto canvas for your living room, personalised Christmas cards, a photo book or like in today’s deal ... an entirely custom cover for your iPhone 4/4S!
That’s right, we’ve teamed up with Colourhub so you can make your own iPhone case and stand out from the crowd - for just £14 (usually £29.99). Now, I say 'make your own' loosely because in fact all you have to do is email the photo you want printed to Colourhub and they'll do the rest - producing a high quality iPhone case that you'll love. You can dress up your iPhone 4 or 4s the way you like it ... with your name, favourite football team, company logo or simply a picture of someone you love.
Make your own iPhone 4 / 4S case and stand out from the crowd
RRP £29.99
Saving £16.00
LyncMeUp Price £14.00
Discount Percentage 53%



Instantly Brush-On Lash Extensions in a Bottle
If you find the idea of false eyelashes a bit over the top or just plain awkward and time consuming, then this easy to apply - instantly brush on - lash extensions will do just the trick in making your eyelashes appear thick and long. Get beautiful natural-looking long lashes without the hassle of glue or damage with our fantastic new deal for only £18 (usually £42) from Get Gorgeous. How does this work. Divaderme's secret to perfect lavishly long full beautiful lashes is that it instant brush-on lash extension that add hundreds of tiny natural lash fibres enriched with panthenol on to your eyelash helping you to extenuate your existing lashes.
Instantly Brush-On Lash Extensions in a Bottle
RRP £42.00
Saving £24.00
LyncMeUp Price £18.00
Discount Percentage 57%



Wake up with Beautiful Curls - 2 Packs of Sleep in Rollers with Roller Bag
Unlike success, getting great looking hair can come to you overnight. With some assistance from these hair rollers from Beauty Cabinet, getting a new look is not only easy but it can cut out the damaging effects of the iron and tongs. We tried these amazing soft hair curlers from Beauty Cabinet and the result was beautiful hair filled with volume, body and bounce… all created while we were sleeping.
Wake up with Beautiful Curls - 2 Packs of Sleep in Rollers with Roller Bag
RRP £34.00
Saving £19.00
LyncMeUp Price £15.00
Discount Percentage 55%



Award-Winning Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack from eCig
Are you looking for a healthier, cheaper and generally all-round better alternative to cigarettes? Or perhaps you are looking to kick the habit altogether? Then look no further. The international award-winning eCig contains only nicotine solution, reducing the harm to your body, your wallet and your breath. Each eCig has a battery, an atomiser and a cartridge. Draw as you would do on a normal cigarette and the eCig atomiser activates and vapourises some nicotine, which you then inhale. Each cartridge is equivalent to 20 cigarettes and costs only £1.50 to buy an additional one, saving you an absolute fortune on your habit. Furthermore, it produces no smoke, carcinogens or malodour normally produced when smoking tobacco and is the most advanced of its kind, lasting up to 2-3 years versus a few months.
Award-Winning Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack from eCig
RRP £49.95
Saving £30.00
LyncMeUp Price £20.00
Discount Percentage 53%



Key Shaped 8GB USB
Who would have thought that your keys could give you quick and easy access to all your important documents. With today's deal, you can do just that ... carry your work files, sales presentation, photos or anything that you fancy on this handy 8GB key shaped USB. It comes in 2 colours ... "classic silver" for those who would like to disguise it as one of the keys in your key ring, or in "red" for those who like a bit of colour and getting into the spirit of Christmas.
Key Shaped 8GB USB
RRP £32.00
Saving £23.00
LyncMeUp Price £9.00
Discount Percentage 71%



Personalised Large Canvas Print 24" x 16" from 1ClickPrint
With today's deal from 1ClickPrint you can do just that. Print your photos in all their glory on a large format 24" x 16" (60cm x 40cm) canvas using the finest redwood frames and fade-proof inks. What's even better is that we've been able to organise an incredible 80% off so you can pick up a canvas print worth £40.99 for just £8. In a few clicks of a button your favourite photo will be transformed into a stunning large canvas and delivered to your door in around 14 days. What's more, they make a thoughtful and impressive gift for those 'hard to buy for' friends and family .
Personalised Large Canvas Print 24
RRP £40.99
Saving £33.00
LyncMeUp Price £8.00
Discount Percentage 80%



Soft Leather iPhone Wallet
For just £10 (usually £24.99) you can snap up this fashionable and above all practical soft leather case for your iPhone that also doubles as a wallet/purse. It not only protects your iPhone from everyday scratches and scrapes but can also carry your ID and credit card at the same time, all in one neat little package. TheiPhoneWallet also benefits from a neat little magnetic closure system, so that it stays shut when it's supposed to.
Soft Leather iPhone Wallet
RRP £24.99
Saving £15.00
LyncMeUp Price £10.00
Discount Percentage 59%



Silicone ion Watches only £7 for Two Usually £13ea
With today's deal, we have teamed up with East2WestDeals to offer you not one, but two Silicone ion Watches for just £7 (saving 73%!). Now to make the deal even better, we've been able to organise it so the shipping is included! So what's the big deal with Ion watches you might ask? Well, they're not only fun and fashionable, but they're also very functional and believed to have many health benefits due to the negative ions contained in the band.
Silicone ion Watches only £7 for Two Usually £13ea
RRP £26.00
Saving £19.00
LyncMeUp Price £7.00
Discount Percentage 73%