Earn More than Ever With TripAdvisor

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Reintroducing the TripAdvisor commission tiers

Dear Affiliates,

We've now made it easier than ever to increase your commission with TripAdvisor through our monthly incentive system.

By working with the TripAdvisor affiliate program, you automatically earn 50% of the revenue generated from users sent from your site, but you can actually receive up to 80% through our incentive tiers.

For example, by generating sales worth more than £500 in a given month, you will receive 65% commission for that month.

Simply put, the more sales your site generates, the higher share you'll receive:

50% for sales <£500

65% for sales £500 - £1000

70% for sales £1000 - £3000

75% for sales £3000 - £5000

80% for sales ≥£5000

Travel interest remains high in the end of January and well into February, so make sure to make the most of it by featuring TripAdvisor links, banners and widgets and get up to 80% commission in return.

See more on our profile for program terms and additional information or simply contact affiliateinfouk@tripadvisor.com

TripAdvisor Affiliate Team