e2save Weekly Deals!

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We have some super saving deals for your customers today!

Apple iPhone 4s 8GB with FREE Asus Google Nexus 7 16GB WiFi Refurbished for just £27.99 per month on T Mobile! For this the deal includes;

250 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited data

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Next we have the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini White Refurbished for just £16.99 per month on T-Mobile. For this your customer will receive;

100 Minutes, Unlimited Texts and 1GB data.

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Finally, the iPhone 5c 16GB for only £28.00 per month! O2 4G tariff deal includes;

500 Minutes, unlimited Texts and 500MB of Data.

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Happy Selling and thanks again for promoting e2save.com

The e2save team


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