Dixons programme is closing.

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Affiliate Window

Affiliate Programme IS CLOSING: Dixons ( MID 1597)

Dear Affiliates,

Affiliate Window regret to inform you that the Dixons programme (MID: 1597) is closing tomorrow, the 9th October. We apologise for the lack of notice regarding this closure but this is only ever done in extenuating circumstances.

Please note that all other affiliate programmes related to the Dixons Retail Group (this includes Currys, PC World, Currys Partmaster and PC World Business) will not be affected by this and so we kindly ask that you replace any existing Dixons links with Currys. If you are not already signed up to the Currys programme you can do so here

Dixons Retail has asked us to forward on the following explanation:

We have taken the decision to wind down our Dixons.co.uk site, to focus on Currys.co.uk and PCWorld.co.uk and all the multichannel opportunities they bring with them.

The Dixons.co.uk site will cease trading on Tuesday 9 October 2012. We will of course be honouring all outstanding orders and other important services such as returns, repairs, Whatever Happens agreements, etc through our existing network.

This is a natural progression for us, with multichannel sales growing extremely strongly. Indeed during the Q1 period reported recently, online multi-channel sales of Currys and PC World were up 48% in the UK & Ireland.  Dixons.co.uk by contrast, like many pure-play operators in our market and others, has had a tough time. It has been marginally loss-making, and now represents less than 1% of Group sales.

We are sorry we have not been able to provide you with a longer notice period.  Unfortunately, market nervousness was a risk if we announced this change earlier.

To thank you for your efforts in promoting Dixons.co.uk, we are offering a 1% CPA increase on the Currys programmes from 10th October until the 24th October. We will send out a communication about this shortly. In addition to this, we will also be offering the following compensation to all affiliates who were click-active throughout September and October.


All pending commissions will be submitted to Dixons for validation as usual.

Due to the inconvenience caused by the lack of notice and that we are unable to honour cookie sales, we are offering a bonus payment for all clicks recorded between 9th September and 9th October. This will be based on each affiliates EPC for August, plus an additional 50%.

For example;

EPC for August = 20p + 50% (10p) = 30p.

Additional Bonus payment = 30p x clicks from 9th September - 9th October = bonus payment

We look forward to working more closely with you across all other Dixons Retail programmes. You can sign up to the programmes by following the links below:

  • Currys  (MID: 1599) - Sign up here
  • PC World (MID: 1598) - Sign up here
  • Currys Partmaster (MID: 1663) - Sign up here
  • PC World Business  (MID: 2371) - Sign up here

If there is anything we can help with then please don’t hesitate to contact us on dixons@affiliatewindow.com.

Kindest regards,

The Dixons Retail Affiliate Team