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Right guys over the past few weeks we’ve given you loads of opportunities to win free ETO bags so this post is taking a 180° turn.

That’s right we’re going to take you through all our different denim washes so that you can find out which wash is for you!

These washes are split into 2 separate lists, the first shows the style of the wash and the second is all about the colour.

We’ll start of with the basic-

These jeans are made using a very interesting technique, the idea behind them is to make the jeans look rougher and worn-in the manufacturers wash the jeans in a big tub with numerous pumice stones, literally beating the jeans.


This wash also leaves the jeans generally softer and flexible for a more comfortable wear.


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These stone washed jeans can also be produced in a number of different colours such as Dark, Mid or even Blue stone wash.

  • Raw Wash Jeans

This wash is also very similar to the stone wash as they try to create a worn faded look on the jeans but the big difference is that the raw wash jeans try to create this look in a more natural way.

In fact they don’t even wash the jeans after the dying process so that there is no fading of the jeans before the wearer receives them.

The outcome of the jeans are completely dependent on the wearer and their lifestyle, ideally the jeans will become completely individual to each person.

To help the process of a natural ‘worn’ look some wearers won’t even wash their jeans for more than 6 months…. greeeeaaaaat!!!!

Now onto the colour washes

Everyone needs a pair of dark wash jeans in their wardrobe, they are a constant classic, and can be worn for whatever occasion. Smart or casual these jeans can go with anything.


Although usually reserved for summer these light wash jeans can really keep your outfit bright and refreshing. The grey can also come in a more darker wash for a more wintery feel.

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And finally

On one hand you’ve got a pretty standard simple pair of blue jeans and on the other you’ve got a great characteristic tinted wash pair of casual jeans. Your choice guys…


Well that was our list, but don’t forget these were only a few examples you can get the full list of our best designs right HERE!

While you’re here why not check out a few of our favourite celebs in their denim washes.

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