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Dear Affiliate Partners,

Closet London is excited to announce the launch of our 2017's first Autumn collection, Decadent Decay.


Our latest collection; Decadent Decay, takes its inspiration from Man versus Nature as they collide in an age-old battle. Nature erodes and reclaims geometric structures and landscapes, built by man, to create a colourful yet subtly elegant setting. Metal rusts, leaves decay and stone crumbles to produce unique colours, patterns and textures. Explore the magical autumn landscape and feel the earth beneath your feet as you crunch through leaves and step over tangled roots in richly coloured dresses in elemental colours; acid limes, rust, teal and mottled prints with hints of trickling gold. This story celebrates the circle of life with the passing seasons.

Visit to view the new collection and our latest arrivals.

New artworks are available under my creatives.

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